Sandie Rinaldo wears Nada

Sandie Rinaldo wears Nada

Model: Sandie Rinaldo

Sandie Rinaldo has been anchoring CTV National News on weekends since 1985. In 2004, Rinaldo took on the additional duties of co-hosting W-FIVE with veteran news anchor, Lloyd Robertson. She has been a backup to Robertson on the weeknight edition of CTV National News since 1981.

In addition to her W-FIVE co-hosting duties, Rinaldo continues to be a contributing reporter for the program. Rinaldo is also the reporter/producer of a segment called A Sandie Rinaldo Success Story seen on CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson.

She came to CTV in 1973 one week after graduating from York University, where she earned an Honours B.A. in Fine Arts. In that first year, she jumped from Junior Secretary to Production Secretary to Production Manager, then becoming a researcher for W-FIVE. In 1975 she went to New York City with the team and helped produce The Bankruptcy of New York, which won a journalism award.

Rinaldo bounded through the glass ceiling every time she came up against it. In 1976, she joined Canada AM as a story producer and specialized in federal and provincial politics. In 1977, she was appointed reporter-at-large for Canada AM, a position that saw her regularly traveling everywhere from Vancouver to Cape Breton to the Middle East.

By 1980, Rinaldo had joined a slowly expanding circle of women in the profession, setting precedents as she went. She was promoted to news anchor of Canada AM and became the first woman in Canadian history to anchor a daily network newscast. In 1985, she was appointed anchor of the CTV Weekend National News at 11 p.m. and assumed a senior editorial role.

Designer: Nada

Nada Shepherd began her career in fashion in the year 2000.

Focusing on tactile fabrications and tailored silhouettes that accentuate the form, her designs create chic style statements for the woman who doesn’t just get dressed—she dresses.

Now available in stores across Canada and the United States, Nada consistently creates head-turning women’s apparel.