Mira Leung wearing Patrice Soku

Mira Leung wearing Patrice Soku

Model: Mira Leung

Mira Leung first fell in love with skating at the young age of three when she went to a public skate session. By age nine, Mira was competing nationally and moved on to the international stage when she was 10 years old. Mira landed her first triple salchow and triple toe loop when she was only eight years old. At age 13, she skipped the novice level at Canadians, jumping straight into the senior level. Since then, Mira’s journey through figure skating has brought her all the way to being a four-time National medallist and a three-time World Team member. Mira also competed at the 2006 Torino Olympic Winter Games when she was 16, becoming the youngest member on the 2006 Canadian Olympic Team.

Designer: Patrice Soku

Patrice Soku is one of the most promising designers in Quebec. At 30, he has already acquired a reputation which is quietly infiltrating beyond our borders. Having been trained in Europe and having developed his garment construction techniques with the greats such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Patrice Soku has developed a quality of design and finish that reaches the highest standards. One of the few designers here who clothes both women and men, he now uses his versatility to serve his private clients based throughout the province and even the United States. Among them, the playwright and filmmaker Robert Lepage, who wears nothing but SOKÜ during his public appearances.

Born in Congo, Patrice Soku settled in France with his parents at the age of 12. As a teenager, fabrics fascinated him and he learned in secret to use a sewing machine; transforming a square of fabric into a garment is a fascination for him. Admitted to the prestigious École Condé de Paris [Condé fashion school] in 1999, he completed his education in fashion design. After these two years of training, Patrice Soku started in the business as a fashion designer in Egypt and Israel, where he then used exotic fabrics and learned to create based on their sensual touch.

Guided only by his curiosity, he then returned to Paris in 2001 where he was recruited by the famous house of Jean-Paul Gaultier as an assistant designer and sampler. After having put the finishing touches on his techniques there, in 2003 Patrice Soku began his greatest expedition: the discovery of America. The exploration of this new continent will be his big revelation: a world of contrasts where anything is possible. Having explored various avenues, he settled permanently in Quebec, where he launched his first collection for men on March 15, 2006 at Galerie Rouje. In 2007, the SOKÜ label seduced the metropolis with his autumn-winter 07-08 men’s collection presented at Montreal Fashion Week. In June of that year, Patrice Soku had the honor of presenting a line for men and women at Robert Lepage’s la Caserne during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Ex Machina where, for the occasion, artists such as Marc Labrèche, Yves Jacques and Anne-Marie Cadieux donned SOKÜ clothing. Inspired by this experience, Patrice set off to conquer female clientele introducing this year a collection for men and women at Montreal Fashion Week.

Wanting to meet other challenges, Patrice Soku participated as a candidate for the popular show La Collection, from which he emerged victorious. Currently he works as artistic director for the Hudson Bay company, while overseeing the growth of the SOKÜ label.