The Heart Truth Quiz

Take The Heart Truth quiz to learn more about your risk profile. You can click on the "risk snapshot" to get the answer to each question instantly. You can also choose to answer all 16 questions first and then click the submit button at the bottom of the page to get your complete quiz results.

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  1. Family History

    Do you have a relative who had a heart attack or stroke before age 65, or a male relative who had a heart attack or stroke before age 55?

  2. Age

    How old are you?

  3. Ethnicity

    What ethnicity are you?

  4. Activity Levels

    How often do you exercise?

  5. Fruits and Vegetables

    How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat per day?

  6. Smoking

    Do you smoke?

  7. Body Mass Index

    What is your body mass index (BMI)? Type your weight and height into the spaces below to calculate your BMI.




    Your BMI is:

  8. Alcohol Use

    How often do you drink alcohol?

  9. Diet

    How often do you eat high-fat foods such as fast foods, fried foods, cookies, chips or cake?

  10. Stress Levels

    How often do you feel stressed or anxious?

  11. Diabetes

    Do you have diabetes?

  12. Cholesterol Levels

    Do you have high cholesterol?

  13. Blood Pressure Levels

    Do you have high blood pressure?

  14. Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Are you taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

  15. Pregnancy

    Are you, or have you ever been pregnant?

  16. Oral Contraception

    Do you use oral contraception (birth control pills)?


The Foundation also offers a number of simple tools to help you make health choices and maintain healthy habits such as:

These risk assessment and lifestyle tools are all accessible from the Heart and Stroke Foundation website.

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